I hated the fact that every time I made a blog specifically geared towards my passion – Asian music – it would always go really well in the beginning. I would always review and try to be fair and please myself and try to gain more views…really try to be the best little blogger about Asian music I could be, y’know? But then suddenly it’d all go downhill with unsaid deadlines and pressure to maintain the blog because of that craving to have an amazing website. But as I’ve come to realize, none of that stuff really matters. I’m not trying to please anyone. It’s for me this time, and that’s how I’m sticking to it.

For once, I’m happy with a blog. Starting now. It doesn’t help that I was readily inspired by the amazing Cait, who runs a new blog as well. This time around, there are no definitive grades, no system of posting, no nothing. I’m just going to post how I want and when I want. But in general, heavenly sweet is geared towards fans of Asian music, specifically of the electronic/shibuya-kei/alternative scene (if you want a more “pompous” description, basically music I deem stylish/trendy/hipster-ish as well). And Japanese fashion, a new realm in which I’ll be exploring through the muse that is this blog. Quite a coincidence, really, because this blog is named for a wonderful song by a Japanese fashion model. Seems like these things always go hand in hand.

So there you have it. I’ll be looking forward to posting soon. Stay gold in the meantime.